Coach: Matt McCale

Position: Defensive Coordinator
School: Centerville High School
Explanation: Centerville used this defense when they had the following personnel: Nose guard was 125 lbs senior, Ends were 150 lbs seniors, Linebackers were two 150 lbs seniors, Monster was 135 lb senior and the Safeties were two 145 lbs seniors.



1) Put constant pressure on offense
  2) Protect the Monster back
  3) Blanket the Ends
  4) Attack the outside running game


1) Bull
  2) Right or Left
  3) Split, right or left
  4) Loop
  5) Monster


1) Ends Running back on their side - run or pass
  2) Nose guard Swim left or right - depending on the stunt called
  3) Linebackers Fill the gap as fast as possible - check run - rush Qb on pass - stunt every play
  4) Monster Make every tackle - check empty hole on all stunts first - protect him so he can get to the ball
  5) Safeties Man coverage on their end first - support run second

Monster Defense Stunts

Bull- take guys head on

 Left or Right

Split left or right


Monster- walk monster into hole - goes with split stunt

Miner left or right

Monster Defense vs the Option

End Pitchman
Monster QB
LB Dive man
You can switch this up and have the Ends take QB and the Monster take pitch man

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